a luxury D.C. residence conversion (the watergate)



big window
toilet room
toilet rendering by DBox


Project Information:

Project Role: Staff Architect + Interior Designer

Firm: Hickok Cole Architects, Washington, D.C.

Client: The Watergate: Luxury Condominium Conversion

Project Brief: In 2007, Hickok Cole Architects was hired to convert The Watergate Hotel (the site of the Nixon political scandal) into luxury residential condominiums.  Hickok Coles’ role in this conversion was to design larger living units within the existing 8-foot ceiling heights and 16-foot column bays, taking the 251-room hotel into a 104-unit luxury residential co-op.  During her time on the project, Dawn Trimble worked as a staff architect and interior designer on the space planning and design of the 2, 3 and 4 bedroom condominium units, however, the project never gained the momentum the design team was excited to be a part of and was not realized during her time at HCA.

Because of her passion for and knowledge in designing luxury residences, Dawn took creative license and speculated as to what the final interior palette would have been for this iconic project.  A neutral and minimal color/material palette was selected to allow the historic views from the Watergate to take priority and to give the potential home owner carefully considered, but restrained interior architectural elements to work with.